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Mapping system – sense, pacing and stimulation help diagnose ectopic podcasting activities of atrial fibrillation, targeted ablation, ablation more accurate and precise, improve the recovery of the law ablation system --Electrodes automatically detect changes in tissue impedance, objectively assess tissue ablation, and provide transmural signal of sound and light A single ablation with 40 seconds limit to protect atrial tissue Real-time data storage, printing Brochure available for download (pdf)
Cold light tip design, lighting, guidance, blunt soft tissue dissectionThrough connecting with plastic band, stripper can lead RF clamp to specified position with a finger to modify, the buckle arm can achieve angle adjustment within the range of 90-220 degrees, brochure available download (pdf)
Bipolar, double circuit, ablation, transmural Dry ablation, bipolar ablation safer, the exact surgical results, automatic detection of tissue impedance changes, to provide objective transmural information. Double loop, to ensure that the electrode temperature controllable, effectively protect the tissue from being carbonized Parallel clamp design, uniform extrusion of tissue to ensure transmural consistency Anti-signal interference, ergonomic design ,smooth to clamp, simple to use design for use with Thoracotomy and endoscopic minimally invasive surgery. brochure available for download (pdf)
Bipolar design, mapping and point ablation, MAZE Ⅳ surgery Detection of ectopic pacing lesions location Bipolar pens can ablate myocardial tissue as well as evaluate conduction and isolation of ectopic electrical activity The special process of the lever can be moderately curved to facilitate surgical operations brochure available download (pdf)
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