RF Ablation System

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A total Mapping System – sensing, pacing and stimulation helps to: diagnose ectopic podcasting activities of atrial fibrillation, offers targeted ablation, ensure accurate/precise ablation, and improves the recovery of the law

Ablation System -- Electrodes automatically detect changes in tissue impedance, objectively assess tissue ablation, and provide transmural signals of sound and light.

A single ablation with 40 second limit to protect the atrial tissue.

Real-time data storage, printing.

Brochure available for downloading (pdf)

Radio Frequency Cardiac Tissue Ablation SystemMZ-RFS-1C1N001
RadioFrequency Ablation GeneratorMZ-RFGC1F001
Stimulus Generator UnitMZ-SGU-



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2017 - 12 - 19
Bipolar design, mapping and point ablation, MAZE IV surgeryDetection of ectopic pacing lesion locationsBipolar RF Pens can ablate myocardial tissue as well as evaluate conduction and isolation of ectopic electrical activity.The special process of the lever may be curved moderately to facilitate surgical operations. Brochure available for downloading (pdf)Table 1 Dimension (mm)TypeHandleLengthRF Pe...
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