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Date: 2018-01-10
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1、After surgical ablation, could AF immediately turn to normal sinus rhythm?

Yes, sinus rhythm might be immediately acquired after surgical ablation. However, AF may recur in 6 months, due to ablation tissue edema and scar proliferation. Usually, doctors will assess the ablation effectiveness in 6 months. So, during this period, patients should adhere to take the oral medicine, such as amiodarone.


2、How’s about the rate of freedom from AF after surgical ablation?

The Cox maze procedure has been developed for more than 30 years. Nowadays, Cox maze IV procedure is mature. The conversion rate would be slightly different among patients with paroxysmal AF, persistent AF and permanent AF. As documented, the total success rate in 1 year is 70-90%.


3、Is the LAA clip compatible for a MRI examination?

Yes. A patient with this device can be scanned safely in an MR system immediately after placement.


4、Could AF ablation and LAA exclusion be performed simultaneously?

The purpose of the two treatments is different. The surgical ablation is to eliminate AF and restore sinus rhythm. By applying technologies such as radio frequency and cryoablation, the ectopic pacing lesions are isolated, the macro-reentries are interrupted. The LAA clip implanted is to exclude the LAA from LA. The main purpose is to prevent ischemic stroke caused by cardiogenic thrombus. For AF patients with high risk of ischemic stroke, the LAA exclusion should be a complementary treatment for stroke prevention.

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