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To operate a medical device company is not merely limited to the development, manufacturing, and sales of medical devices and ancillary products.  More importantly, our focus and guiding mission is to help doctors improve their medical service level, improve patients’ health conditions and standard of living, and create a strong social value for the company and its employees.

The growth of enterprises is not possible without excellent teamwork, innovative spirit, and professional exacting work.  Our objectives include focus on the cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgery fields, developing innovative medical products with the cooperation of professional medical professionals, and building an outstanding medical technology enterprise.


Jian Meng

Founder & CEO

Med-zenith Medical Scientific Co., Ltd.

Member of National Cardiovascular Experts Committee minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery professional committee

Member of American minimally invasive thoracic surgery Association qualifications committee

Member of Peking University Medical Industry Committee

Member of Beijing Science and Technology Commission G20 members

Deputy Director, China Zhigong Party Central Overseas Liaison Committee

Graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine of Peking University and worked as surgeon for Peking University Affiliated People's Hospital

—— Pioneer to introduce PCI and CHD interventional products into the Chinese market and train Chinese doctors to create a technology intervention era for CHD intervention in China;

—— Pioneer to promote congenital heart disease, atrial fibrillation and heart failure treatment of new therapies and products;

Engaged in the field of cardiovascular intervention and cardiac surgery for more than 20 years, with a keen eye to capture the dynamics of the industry, strong market judgment and decision-making level, and solid relationship with the cardiovascular experts at home and abroad, understand customer needs and build long-term development strategy for company. 


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